The Most Beautiful Princesses of the European Royal Family III

The two daughters of King Felipe and Queen Letizia, the little princess Leonor and her sister Sofia, were in the royal family, and the two little girls behaved respectfully and sensibly in public. Grace is beyond their own age. In 2014, the princess’s grandfather, King Juan Carlos I, abdicated, and his father, Felipe VI, became King of Spain. At the age of nine, Princess Leonor became the first heir to the Spanish throne.

King Felipe sat in the garden with his daughter Leonor in the middle of his leg, and the princess placed her hands on her father’s leg. King Juan was also very happy with his smile. He was very satisfied with the granddaughter.

Born in 2005, Princess Leonor is as delicate and lovely as a doll. Her handsome features inherit the beauty of her mother, Queen Letizia, and her face is round and lovely like King Felipe’s father. Mother Lytizia dressed her daughter very cute, wearing all kinds of dresses on her body became a fashion style, the princess became the new generation of Spain’s royal baby queen with goods.

After the abdication of their grandfather, King Juan Carlos, the lives of Princess Leonor and Princess Sophia changed dramatically, and the nine-year-old princess became Prince Asturias of Spain, a symbol of the crown’s successor. In King Felipe’s address to the throne, the two little princesses sat in red chairs, both kings, smaller versions of the Queen, they didn’t fidget, they crossed their legs, very politely with more than 700 senators. Members of Parliament and government ministers applauded.

In his inaugural speech, King Felipe promised that he would carry out his duties with “energy and enthusiasm,” and made special mention of the two girls. “The Queen and I will be free and responsible,” he said. The values of solidarity and tolerance to educate our daughters. ” The handsome king looked back at his daughter with a smile full of indulgence.

On the same day, Princess Leonor and Princess Sophia wore a soft-colored dress, which was Queen Lytizia’s service. On this historic, ceremonial day, the princess behaved very well and exemplary. Princess Leonor, in particular, as heir to the throne, though only nine years old, has understood her place in the succession order and has lived up to the royal tradition of shaking hands with dozens of important government officials in a solemn manner. And in the bustling crowd of beautiful waving, a few hours of ceremony, the sisters did not slacken.

Princess Sophia, then only seven years old, knew the difference between herself and her sister, and when she found out that she exceeded the future queen, she instinctively adjusted her pace to lag behind her sister.

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