The Most Beautiful Princesses of the European Royal Family I

The Spanish royal family has two lovely little princesses who are daughters of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. They are known as the most beautiful princesses of the European royal family.

Leonor, who is two years older than her sister, will become crown prince under the Spanish throne and, after accepting “Orden del Tois ó n de Oro”, will become queen of Spain in the future. The sister, Princess Sophia, many people say, is a pity because she was born equally beautiful, but she will always be a princess. When her sister becomes queen, her sister’s princess status will be replaced by the influence of Leonor’s children. But the princess is happy now. She has the love of her parents, and Grandpa Juan Carlos I dotes on her youngest granddaughter.

The family went to the Palace of Zarzula to participate in World Youth Day, an event aimed at youth in celebration of the Catholic faith. It began in 1985 with Pope John Paul II, who held it every three years in different countries, this time in Madrid. Benedict XVI attended. Queen Sofia, holding a granddaughter in one hand, smiled and was very kind. The two princesses were dressed in a similar dress with a small jacket, while their sister Leonor wore a blue line, and her sister Sophia wore a turquoise line. Grey bottoms and flat shoes seemed to match the dress and keep them warm. The little princess Sofia was held by her grandmother, and her grandfather by her hand. King Juan Carlos I was particularly attached to the youngest granddaughter. His hand was gently placed on her granddaughter’s shoulder, and his head looked down at Sophia. The eyes were full of indulgence.

Juan Carlos I and Queen Mother Sofia have three children, the Princess Elena, the second daughter, Princess Christina, and the youngest son, now King Felipe VI, so Sofia is the youngest of his grandchildren and most loved by her grandfather.

Little Princess Sophia was very lively when she was a child, especially loved by her elders. Although she was not the future queen of Spain, her grandfather liked her very much, and her mother, Queen Leticia, also loved her daughter. In the future, if she marries the other crown princes of the European royal family, she will be a remarkable queen, her life will be equally beautiful, and her responsibilities will be much easier than that of her sister Leonor.

The little guy and grandfather’s affection is very good all the time, when the family takes part in the activity, sees grandfather is left behind, she also looks back to look for, no wonder king Juan everywhere all leads this little granddaughter.

Princess Sophia, who inherited her mother’s beauty and father’s long leg genes, will become a great beauty in the future, just like her sister. She must have asked the Spanish royal family to marry a lot, hoping that she would find the right one. To be a Queen as wonderful and happy as her mother, Queen Letizia! Berethat every kind of hat lover. We specialized in making hats using quality materials and design that can’t be found on the high street.

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